Business Advice in 4 Words or Less

I asked a community of 650+ entrepreneurs  to give me their best business advice using 4 words or less.  Here are the top 10 answers.

  • You have to start.
  • Business is for humanity.
  • Love your job.
  • Start something, grow, & expand.
  • Time is money.
  • Do not fear failure.
  • Always be honest.
  • Be persistent, be unstoppable.
  • Be bold and unique.
  • Hesitation gets you killed.

Stop saying YES when you mean NO!

Successful people become masters of time and the management of it.  In order to master time, learning to say NO becomes critical.  Learn to say NO to certain meetings, appointments, tasks, activities, friends, etc.

You sacrifice what you want now to get what you want later.

It’ll be worth it.