Top Books

A short list of my favorite entrepreneurship books that are guaranteed to teach you about running your business successfully! The single most important lesson I can teach you is to continue to expand your mind and learn from these brilliant minds in the world of entrepreneurship and business.

How to Win at The Sport of Business                    Relentless          The Amazon Way

It's Your Ship          Clients for Life          Leading with the Heart          
Quality is Free
The price of Loyalty          Success if a Choice          Getting Past NO          Good to Great

               Making RainGetting Things Done          The Last Lecture

Tuesdays with Morrie                  The 4-Hour Workweek         QBQThe Go Getter

The Gold Standard          Self Improvement 101       How to Win Friends and Influence People          The 48 Laws of Power
          Eleven Rings         Outliers          The Four Agreements
Never Eat Alone     Think and grow Rich