35 Reasons to be an Entrepreneur

Once you work as an entrepreneur, on your own terms, for your own goals, it becomes very difficult to give up complete control of your time, entrepreneurship, and your priorities to go back to working for someone else.

#1:  I have to be a better entrepreneur than yesterday.
#2:  I have to lead daily.
#3:  The possibilities are endless.
#4:  I contribute to the success of others.
#5:  I meet and learn from people all over the world.
#6:  The entrepreneur reward is immediate.
#7:  I have the ability to empower others to start businesses.
#8:  It never feels like work.
#9: I set my own schedule.
#10:  I can’t get fired.
#11:  I can solve the problems I choose to solve.
#12:  I can say Yes! or No! when I want.
#13:  I am all in.  On myself.
#14:  I decide if we help you or not.
#15:  I always have something to do.
#16:  I get to say “I am an entrepreneur”
#17:  Your co-workers become family.
#18:  Work from anywhere.  Anytime.
#19:  Is it 5pm already?
#20:  I can cut the meeting short when I get bored.
#21:  I produce more, consume less.
#22:  I learned to manage risk.
#23:  I keep enabling productivity hacks.
#24:  I learn life-long skills.  Skills you learn as an entrepreneur are life-long skills.  You have to learn to sell.  You have to learn accounting.  You have to learn to communicate.  You have to learn how to work with teams.  You have to learn to put others first.
#25:  I became an expert.  When I started, I thought I knew everything about computers.  The more I thought I knew, the less I actually knew.  Being an entrepreneur forced me to learn and understand more and more every day.
#26:  I have become a very organized entrepreneur.
#27:  The more I teach, the more I learn.
#28:  I became a flexible entrepreneur.
#29:  I love building teams.
#30:  The end result is the result of my entrepreneurship.
#31:  I enjoy the “when I open my eyes to when I close my eyes” business hours.
#32:  Is it 6pm already?
#33:  Vision.  My vision.
#34:  Developing my idea is more important than developing other peoples ideas.
#35:  Entrepreneurs have the ability to change the world!

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